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With the implementation of best deconstruction practices, Lund Company INC is able to recycle a significant portion of the structures we demolish or dismantle for our clients in Savannah, GA and other parts of our seven-state service area. The percentage of the material we are able to collect for reuse depends on the construction type and other factors, including accessibility, the dismantling location, design, and the age of the structure.

We are adept at the safe dismantling of steel structures such as water towers and bridges. Any nonferrous and ferrous metals we recover are provided for melting and reuse to steel mills and other users of such metals. Lund Company INC also assists with the recycling of other construction materials, such as shingles, asphalt pavement, concrete, bricks, and wood.

If you are interested in asset recovery, we can help you identify idle assets and help you decide whether you wish to redeploy or divest them. We can also help you remove and haul your assets away from the demolition site.

A permanent file is provided to the owner at the completion of each job regarding every aspect of the completed job, including dump tickets and time-weighted transpiration. This file contains evidence to support the fact that the building owners have exceeded all federal, state, and local laws and requirements regarding the demolition project.

You can depend on Lund Company INC for efficient building dismantling in Savannah, GA. Please speak to us about how we can serve you here or in another region of our southeastern service area.

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