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At Lund Company INC, our skill in limited demolition projects is one of our outstanding capabilities. We look forward to showing you our skill at select structural removal of building components, including chimney removal, for your building restoration purposes. Our record of completing selective demolition projects successfully has grown a loyal customer base that also grows our business with referrals in Savannah, GA and other parts of our service area.

Selective demolition, also known as strip-out, involves removing select parts of a building or its structure. Because selective demolition often occurs during active operations within buildings, we carefully analyze and plan each task to minimize disruptions. Work safety is a primary concern of ours, and it extends to our protecting the safety of building occupants during our work.

When you need limited demolition, our dismantling expertise keeps the structural framework intact while gutting what you need to clear the way for productive use of the selected space. Our crews efficiently perform tasks requiring stringent noise, vibration, and dust controls. We excel in accurate demolitions even in projects involving cramped spaces.

Lund Company INC’s limited demolition experience includes the following:

• Interior Strip-Outs
• Deconstruction and Dismantlement
• Exterior Facade Renovations
• Removal of Exterior and Interior Building Components
• Floor, Wall, and/or Ceiling Finish Removal
• Concrete and Masonry Construction removal
• Complete Electrical, Plumbing, and Mechanical System Demolitions

Limited demolitions are ideal for optimizing the value of existing buildings by repurposing or reusing select areas within the structure. Lund Company INC takes pride in providing outstanding strip-out services, and we work closely with our clients to ensure a smoothly completed project from beginning to end.

Please contact Lund Company INC about your next selective demolition in Savannah, GA or another part of our extensive service area. We look forward to discussing our cost-effective skills in the removal of structural and nonstructural building components with you.

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